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How to Start a Home-Based Fashion Design Business - New Book by Angela Wolf

Two years ago, we posted an epic blog entry titled: Becoming a Fashion Designer. Tips on Starting a Fashion Design Business.  This was one of our most popular posts and generated a lot of feedback online, via email and from people calling and visiting our warehouse.

Now you can have more detailed information in a comprehensive and very reader friendly book from fashion designer Angela Wolf: How to Start a Home-Based Fashion Design Business.  You have seen Angela on It’s Sew Easy and you may have purchased her sewing patterns from our site. Angela also teaches around the country in addition to having her own ready-to-wear line.  So, yes, you could say she is an expert in her field and more than qualified to bring you this fantastic information.

So, what’s in the book?  Angela takes you through a checklist of sorts to make sure you have what it takes to be a fashion designer.  She covers the gamut of issues being self-employed, starting a company, who and how to hire, contracts, relationships with vendors and more.  She also covers subjects including costume design, custom apparel, alterations.

If you sew for a living, you could benefit from this guidebook.  Angela walks you through the important processes of building a business and turning a dream into reality…into actuality…without jumping off a cliff.  

Angela Wolf
Have you considered
starting a clothing line?

Have you considered zoning issues working from home? How about Marketing, PR and social Media? Do you know the best practices for showing your line to buyers?  Do you even know who your target market is, and how to most effectively reach them?

There are many creative people out with small business start-ups. Some can do this on their own, and others need help. This book is your reference guide, your answer key, your mother of all wiki pages for getting you from point A to point B while minimizing the potential roadblocks that can creep up.

One last tidbit: you will want to buy the book for the best presentation of the charts and visuals Angela has included. One of our Facebook fans posted this on our FB page: "I would be happier if the Kindle version had paid some attention to the size of charts. I can barely read them and that is disappointing. Such good information; such a poor presentation. I love the book, but their ePublisher should be fired. Buy the book, but buy print edition. You'll be happy you did.”


Anonymous said…
I have bought this book and I am very please with the content. It is really step-for-step guide how to start business, important documents, your place, pitfalls, home-work balance and much more.
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Unknown said…
All those relatives you approached told you they would love to give you money for your new business but just don't have it right now. It's the same story over and over again, but they have expenses of their own to cover and investing in a new business is just too risky. Your new idea is a sure winner, but you have to convince everyone else of that fact.

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