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Heading to Las Vegas for a Fabric buying adventure.

Twice a year the buyer and sellers of fabric join together at the RIO in Las Vegas. It is a very quick two and a half day show. Being from the Midwest, we don't get a lot of chances to meet with our West Coast vendors. I always look forward to going, and catching up with our vendors. Many of them have become close family friends. So, I have packed the VFBM fabric samples (the incomplete pages) in hopes of finding that perfect match to complete the page. I also have my wish list for the upcoming Sales Events at the retail stores, and I am always on the look out for that something special. Wish me luck. I have been warned that we will be bringing the video camera with us. So, I'll have to be on my best behavior, and maybe we will even do a couple of impromtu interviews so you can meet some of the great people that make Vogue Fabrics so great. Look for what videos come out of the Vegas show on our Facebook page or on our YouTube Channel.