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Taken from another blogger. "This writer is all about fashion and sewing, so she was tickled fuschia to see Burdastyle's How-To series launched at one of her favorite New York store, Mood Fabrics (the place where you see the Project Runway designers getting their materials). While Mood Fabrics is so generous with their swatches you could actually make something to wear with them, we feel that this store is a tad bit over-rated and over-priced. You can get the same experience at other fabric stores, such as Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, Ill. Did you know that store owners there gladly welcome group tours (this writer went on one the other day and was thrilled to bits and pieces with her goody bag)? While we're on the subject of Project Runway, check out the Australian version (thanks to the link on the Tessuti Fabrics blog.) That's not to say you'll want to ignore tonight's episode for the American version. Carry on,as Tim Gunn, might say."

R.I.P. Baer Fabrics (1905-2008)

"You have reached the Home Page of Baer Fabrics. After 103 years of service we are permanently closing our doors effective 5:30 PM on Saturday, July 19, 2008." Taken from their new home page. Another big independent fabric store has closed. Rogie and I were talking today about their closing. I hate to see things like this happen. I don't necessarily mind the Walmart, JoAnn's, and Hancock's closing stores. I don't like the layoffs and good people losing their jobs. But as fabric supply companies, they really miss the mark when it comes to fashion fabrics and supporting sewing and home grown fashion. I hate seeing the independents go out though. It troubles me. The independents are the central point for home sewers to really find those fabrics that make it worth while to sew. It's the real fashion fabrics, not a polyester twill, that makes sewers want to sew. Much like an artist to a blank canvas, you put the right fabric in the hands of the right pers

Polyester yarn prices on the rise

"15 July 2008 - Polyester fiber and yarn prices strongly increased in India for July deliveries due to a new jump in raw material costs. Demand from filament weavers and from spinners was however depressed by the new rise in prices which were up about 20% in only two months...." The basic take from this report from what I can tell is that prices may stabilize, finally, but the cost is that the mills are slowing production down. So, the supply of certain fabrics will be lower due to lower production. I don't think this will be much of a problem in acquiring the fabrics we already carry, although I do see a slow down of many of our distributors introducing new collections. This I don't like, we need new fabrics, something different, something that is new and exciting. That is one of the main reasons I love to buy on the secondary or in the closeout market. I want the fabrics, even if it's only 15 yards, that are exciting, different, and something I haven't

Pirate's Days Sales Event This Week

Pirate Days!!! July 24, 25, 26 Vogue Fabrics is proud to introduce our favorite pirate, Calico Jack, and his Pirate Days event! For three days this summer, you will be able to take additional discounts off already reduced sale items! Take 10% off fabrics priced! at $1.99 yd! Take 20% off fabrics priced at $2.99 ! yd ! Take 30% off fabrics priced at $3.99 yd ! "A great scavenger like me, Calico Jack, knows where to find the world's best treasures! Vogue Fabrics is me favorite place to plunder! Avast, ye maties, and meet me for exciting savings at all Vogue Fabrics retail stores July 24, 25 & 26!" --Calico Jack These discounts are for fabrics only in our retail stores. You can take the discounts off of our fabrics that are already on sale, to give you even more savings! Don't forget to go to and print out our Weekly Coupon for additional savings! You can also view our locations, hours and get maps to all the stores at this site. The Pirate Days

ASG Members pay us a visit.

As I mentioned previously, the ASG Convention was in town. I was not able to attend any of the events unfortunately. I did especially want to attend the DIY Style cocktail party. They are a new "vodcast" company geared towards the twenty-some crowd. I like what they are doing. You can down load their free video instructional podcasts on Itunes or directly from their site. I was introduced to them from the Vice President of McCall's during a buying trip in Las Vegas. They were having a make it take it party with an open bar from what I understand. It should have been a blast. I'll talk with Cindy, the boss, and see if she can give me the heads up from the nights events. We donated/sponsered the fabric for a couple of the projects. But, today was our day to entertain. Two buses with over a hundred ASG hard core sewers came to visit. First they went to our Roosevelt Road store in Chicago, and then to our Evanston Flagship Store, and finally ending up at our Warehouse.

The Olympics, Gingham, and Air Pollution?

An interesting Monday morning at the warehouse for Vogue. We needed to place a reorder for gingham today. Pretty normal start to a Monday after doing inventory on our basics. However, the noteworthy ' hmmm ' for today was that we were told by our distributor that we should stock up on our most popular fabrics. The reason he gave us was that the mills in China were going to shut down for a month, in order to cut down on the air pollution problem in China. I just sat there and shook my head. "Wow, what a great solution." I thought sarcastically .

The ASG Convention comes to Chicago

We have been busy preparing the stores and our warehouse for the arrival of our welcomed guests. Cleaning and arranging specials for the Monday bus tour. We are tour #5-Chicago fabric stores and couldn't be prouder to represent Chicago fabric stores. We have prepared coupons and specials for our guests and love seeing large groups come to the store. The last time we entertained a group this large was the Viking Sewing Machine Convention. 5 full buses pulled up after we had the city of Evanston block off special parking on the street for the buses. It was incredible, so many sewers and fabraholics having such a great time. It reminded me of the controlled chaos of a flea market that my Grandfather took us to as kids. I'll try and take photos and post them to show the excitement.

Welcome to The Wonderful World of Vogue Fabrics

Hi, I have always felt that creating a blog would be a fun idea in the hopes of keeping our customers and fans of the store up to date with what's new and happening in the store's, online, in the catalogs, and on the road. I hope you keep you entertained as well as informed to what's new in sewing, fabrics, fashion, notions, and anything else that I find interesting or worth posting. I don't plan on posting sewing tips or my latest fashion creations. That would not be my strength and definitely wouldn't be that entertaining. What I want to bring to you is a behind look at what it is like being involved in the fashion and fabric industry. My family has been involved in tailoring, sewing, and fabric for 5 generations going back to 'the old country' in Russia, Germany, and Poland. Vogue was opened by my grandfather in 1945, and we are now well into our third generation of family ownership. We are constantly trying to reinvent ourselves as less people sew thei