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Vogue Fabrics to Organize Fabric Rush for Haitian Relief Effort

Hello everyone, I have exciting news. I was in contact with the Haitian Congress of Chicago this week and was able to get all the information I needed to feel comfortable organizing a fabric, clothing, and supplies drive. Originally our interest was in gathering donations of  fabric, over 4 yards, for garments to be constructed for Sew Special Designs. However, the interest by our followers and fans was more of one on a lesser yardage scale. Obviously, most of you have smaller cuts of fabric, used spools of threads, and garments you don’t wear anymore. Some showed an interested in sewing something up and donating it. And some of you have bolts of interfacing, and dozens of zippers that you want to throw into the mix. All these great offerings were not part of the original plea. But, it became very clear that if I wanted to organize assistance to Haiti, our initial purpose would have to change. So, in talking with the Haitian Congress and explaining everything, she tol

Haiti needs your unwanted fabric

A friend and local designer in Chicago wants to donate his workroom, employees, and time to make 10,000 garments to ship to Haiti. We have already contacted the local Haitian center and they will ship the garments to Haiti to be distributed. To make this work we need over 20,000 yards of fabric. I can come up with some thousands of yards, but not all that is necessary. I want to know if I put a plea out to our our customer or fan base to donate your unwanted 4 yd. or larger pieces from your fabric stash, would you be up for it? Let me know. Please post on our fan page on Facebook, comment on this post, or send me an email at   If the response is positive and it looks like we can reach our goal, I will start this process. But, to have Michael shut his workroom down is a huge commitment, and I do not want to have him do this if we can not come thru for him with his goal yardage.  Here is his website if you want more information. http://www.sewspecialcustomdesi

Insights and Information from the Buyer

Recently we have been told by customers that unfavorable comments are being posted on independent sewing sites regarding our Early Spring “3-2-1 Fabrics” catalogs. This blog post will explain in great detail my thoughts on these very valid issues. The three main issues being voiced are the omission of the Polar Fleece swatches, the omission of the widths on the rayon prints, the single price point of $3.99 for all the fabrics in this mailing, and the shipping rates on our site. First, I was presented with a great price on polar fleece from our supplier. As a result, I was able to pick up an incredible amount of yardage for the season and wanted to pass on the savings to our “3-2-1” subscribers. As far as I know, no other fabric store is selling 400 gram wt. polar fleece in 15 fashion colors for $3.99 a yard. This isn’t just a great retail price, but it is a legitimate wholesale price for fleece. The Post Office would not let us mail all the fleece swatches due to size restrictions