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Sewing is in Fashion - Summer and Fall Classes

Sewing has never gone out of fashion. And with the rising popularity of sustainable living coupled with the desire to create useful items from home instead of purchasing mass merchandise, sewing & crafting are thriving around the USA. Even celebrities are voicing their love for sewing, including Marie Osmond , Tilda Swinton , Eva Longoria , Venus Williams & Nicole Kidman and many more. Thanks to shows like Project Runway , sewing is seen now in a fashion design context rather than a home economics context.  Vogue Fabrics offers exciting classes from Beginning Sewing to Advanced Sewing so you can learn to sew fashionable garments.  Follow these up with draping and tailoring classes so you can freely create your own custom looks and make sure they fit in the right places. Don't miss Home Decorating classes that teach you how to sew pillows and slipcovers.  There are even classes for kids to learn to sew.  In addition to sewing, the upcoming Fall 2012 line-up incl