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May's Warehouse Open House a Sucess

Well, we just finished our annual warehouse sale. Thanks to all of you who joined us to take advantage of all our specials. We are always excited to host an event at the warehouse. Not being open to the public really weighs on us for one main reason, we don't get to see the excitement and fascination that comes with sewers seeing our fabrics. Sure, we get to see the fabrics first when they come out of the box or when I buy them from a sample. Sure, we say to each other "That's a nice piece", when we are processing the fabrics from a designer room lot I bought from NY. But, we don't ever know what the end use is. We miss all the creative happenings and excited banter between ASG members, all the conversations between dressmaker and client, and We miss the soft toned bickering between future brides and their Mothers. So, we hope everyone that attended had a worthwhile adventure, I know we enjoyed having you and we are already looking forward to our next Open H