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How to Start a Home-Based Fashion Design Business - New Book by Angela Wolf

Two years ago, we posted an epic blog entry titled: Becoming a Fashion Designer. Tips on Starting a Fashion Design Business.   This was one of our most popular posts and generated a lot of feedback online, via email and from people calling and visiting our warehouse. Now you can have more detailed information in a comprehensive and very reader friendly book from fashion designer Angela Wolf: How to Start a Home-Based Fashion Design Business.   You have seen Angela on It’s Sew Easy and you may have purchased her sewing patterns from our site. Angela also teaches around the country in addition to having her own ready-to-wear line.   So, yes, you could say she is an expert in her field and more than qualified to bring you this fantastic information. So, what’s in the book?   Angela takes you through a checklist of sorts to make sure you have what it takes to be a fashion designer.   She covers the gamut of issues being self-employed, starting a company, who and how to hire

Beachcomber Reversible Cotton Gauze Fabric  $58.95 shirt Have you seen those plaid shirts with the check accents on the collars and pockets?   Until now, it has been nearly impossible to find fabrics that will allow you to get this look.  We have an exciting collection that will blow your mind! Vogue Fabrics proudly offers Beachcomber Reversible Cotton Gauze Shiritings .   Super soft, lightweight cotton fabric is double woven with plaid on one side and a check pattern on the other.  You can use either side as the face.   You can easily re-create those cool camp shirts using the same fabric and reversing the sides.   For the super thrifty, whip up an elastic waist skirt that you can wear reversibly for two looks in one garment.   Also try stitching up a full skirt, slitting the side hem to the knee, and tacking back the corners to showcase both sides.   How about making some clam diggers – full legged   pants with elastic waist that go down to the mid-calf – and rolling up the hem to reve