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Fabrics in the Garden – Stylish Enhancements and Economical Solutions

Burlap & Cotton Print Scarecrows in Iowa  Springtime is upon us , and many people have already begun to plan their flower and vegetable gardens, and seed their Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets.  I am happy to share with you my favorite ways to use fabrics to enhance your landscape's curb appeal, aid in weed control, and protect your garden from pests, winds, and critters.  Please feel free to share your personal stories in the comments and share this post with others. Burlap – Fantastic for Planting You no doubt have seen the burlap wrapped around the base of trees at garden stores.   This fabric is rugged, and retains moisture exceptionally well.   You can use this very economical fabric to plant your vegetable garden in two ways. If you are planting seeds, sow as normal and then lay burlap on top of the garden and secure it with some bricks, garden rocks, or decorative pots.   Then give your garden a good soak.   The burlap helps keep the soil moist, and prevents winds and ra