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Is it Bamboo or Rayon?

We have always tried to stay above the fold when it comes to fashion fabrics. I choose fabrics for their feel, style, content, price, and look. When one of our suppliers came out with a new knit solid made from Bamboo, I jumped on it. It turned out to be a great fabric and very well received both in our stores, online, and boutique designers liked it as well. This past April, I ran across a lot of bamboo knits from a designer that was going out of business. I bought the fabric and put it in the retail stores at 50% off the normal retail price. Basically at a distrubutors cost. As we were processing this lot, I told my assistant that the knit felt like rayon not bamboo. The content tags all said 100% bamboo, and I even called the designers supplier to verify. It all checked out and I confidently sold the fabric as bamboo. Yesterday I received an email from one of our suppliers about their bamboo. Here is an excerpt; "There are two basic types of fibers produced from the Bamboo tr

Vogue Fabrics November Sales Event

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