Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Don't Procrastinate! Sew now for Halloween!

Reconstructing History Patterns - available on

It's that time again.  Pop-up Halloween stores appear in the vacant strip malls.  The drug stores cram plastic toss-away costumes in their seasonal aisles.  Television commercials are infiltrated with  zombies and witches dancing to Thriller.

OK, can I be frank with you here?  You sew, and you pride yourself on your creativity, but every year you procrastinate with the Halloween costume. You put things off until you realize you have no other option than to run out and grab some cheaply constructed thing off the rack, or you dig through your son's closet, grab his football jersey, and put the black stuff under your eyes.  That's when you look to the sewing gods above and exclaim, "Next year I'll do better!"

Start now and create something spectacular!  If you are a costumer, or you like to wear the same costume year after year, treat yourself to a new pattern from Folkwear or Reconstructing History and craft an artful garment that will have others swooning over your talent.  You can be Henry VIII, Sherlock, a real Pirate, or Marilyn in "The Seven Year Itch."   If you've seen a remarkable garment on BBC programs like Downton Abbey or Copper, chances are there's a pattern for it!

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Post photos to our Facebook page to share your talent!

Folkwear Sewing Patterns - available on

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