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Fall Fashion 2012 - The Suede Edition

Finally, Mother Nature has turned down the heat in most of the USA and Canada, and the chill is starting to set in at night.  You know what that means? Yep, time to freshen up your fall and winter wardrobe, 'cuz the cold is coming!  So, what's going to be big this year?  Suedes for starters.  Yes, sueded fabrics are hot for men and women, from slacks and skirts, to tops, jackets and vests.

"The only things I haven't seen made of leather this season are knickers," Wall Street Journal's Tina Gaudoin writes, "and most of us know where to look for them if the need arises in any case." 
Ultra Suede - Admiral with Vogue Patterns 8520
Joe Lupo and Jesse Garza of the Huffington Post assess Fall 2012's suede savvy garments: "You don't necessarily have to wear leather pants and a leather jacket a la "The Matrix"; it's more about wearing leather or suede pieces that are ladylike and modern."

Michael Kors offers fashionistas a suede with shearling jacket at Nordstroms for $395. Even Urban Outfitters is picking up on this trend with suede shoes, bags and this sherpa/suede vest by Staring at Stars for $99 (which you could make for less than $30!).  

If you are interested in covering shoes or boots in suede, Ultra Suede is the best since it does not fray, and Vogue Fabrics offers 15 fashion colors.  Vogue Fabrics is offering a popular Shoe Covering Workshop in November so you can get your old pumps looking sharp to match that new outfit you want to whip up before the holiday party season starts.

Kwik-Sew #3558
Sueded Cuddle has a soft suede face bonded to a fluffy and plyable sherpa-style "Cuddle Fur" on the reverse. This fabric brought into popularity by today's top fashion houses and continues each season to be a favorite for outerwear. This fall and winter will be no different, as its popularity increases. Great for gloves, hats, jackets, vests, and accessories where a fake fur is in order.  Nap fabric.  Helpful Hint: To minimize small bits of cuddle fur floating around your sewing space, use a matte knife to cut through the suede face rather using a scissors to cut through the suede and fur.

Luxury Suede is a washable polyester with a sophisticated suede face and woven reverse for skirts, slacks, jackets, vests, men's button down shirts and even toss pillows for light decorating. This apparel fabric is ready to give your wardrobe an elegant and rich look. Medium weight, tightly woven, supple but not fluid. Nap fabric.



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