Monday, August 13, 2012

Oilcloth - Why You Need This Fabric

One of the most popular collections in our retail stores is Oilcloth.  Why?  What is it?

Oilcloth is a fabric with a laminated finish on the top, for use in home decor and craft projects. Vogue Fabrics carries over 40 styles in our stores and on, both by the yard and in small, wholesale quantities of 12 yard rolls for your larger projects. 

Oilcloth aprons

Best Features:
- wipe clean with damp sponge
- no need to hem
- easy to cut and sew
- lightweight yet durable
- looks great with a bias binding
- water repellent

Best Uses:
- Kitchen/Garden Apron
- Book Covers
- Tote bags
- "Splat Mats" under high chairs
- Tablecloths
- Mats for under pet dishes

Chalkcloth (Chalk board Oil cloth) is an Oilcloth product that is wildly popular as well.  You can tack this to the wall in a child's room or make an activity mat to take to a restaurant.  Also available wholesale in 18 yard rolls.

 Coming to our stores?  Print this blog and bring it with you to save 10% Off retail oilcloth through August 30, 2012.

Photos: Oilcloth International - Vogue Fabrics proudly
sells Oilcloth International fabrics retail and wholesale.

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Jade Graham said...

I used a piece of felt as an eraser. The dry erase crayons come with an eraser that works well, too. view here