Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall 2012 Classes and Special Events

Corset Construction 
Slipcover Techniques 
Shoe Covering 
Soap Making 
Duct Tape Dressform Clones
Kids Classes
Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced Sewing
Bridal Classes

Yes, these are some of the special event classes coming this fall to Vogue Fabrics. Registration is open for all of our sewing classes, and many are filling up already.  Here are some highlights:

Beginning Sewing teaches you in 8 weeks how to read, layout and cut a store bought sewing pattern, sew a skirt, insert a zipper and waistband, create pleats and properly hem the skirt. Veronica shows you various types of fabrics, interfacing and notions to illuminate for new students how to choose the products that will be best for their pattern.

Step Beyond Beginner is the next step, where students can make skirts, slacks, and other projects, work more independently, and often will repeat the class time and again to learn new skills. New times have been added to this incredibly popular class!  Advanced Sewing Class teaches more advanced techniques, such as lining a jacket and making the lapels. 

Farthingales once again is offering the 2-Day Overbust Corset Class. Students create a corset with proper steel and coutil products from their product line. This class is already half full just from social media chatter, so register soon for this incredible experience. Make sure you read the details so you know what to expect from the class.

Karen Ericson from Home Fashion U returns with her popular slipcover classes.  Learn various techniques to recover your furniture in a professional (not "Shabby") way. Her seminar on "Start a Sewing Business" is filling up quickly, so register now for this!

Alicia Schult from Litttlebits Clothing Company is offering 3 historical classes, ideal for historical reenactment as well as off-grid living. The Soap Making and Candle Making are fantastic choices for those people who want to teach these topics in a homeschooling setting as well.  The Secret Language of Textiles if filling up, so if you are a history buff and wish to learn more about what messages the fabrics and clothing styles conveyed in the past, register now!

Jean Haas is offering her Patented Custom Duct Tape Dressform Dummy class in a one-day session.  In the morning you will have a 1 hour private fitting to get wrapped in duct tape (while wearing a fitted turtleneck), and then meet with the group in the afternoon to stuff your custom dressform to your proportions. Imagine being able to fit your patterns and garments to your body!   

Teach the kids to sew! Yes, we again are offering children's sewing classes over Winter Break. Ages 9-14 can learn to sew Pajama Pants in one class, and a Fleece Pull-over in another class. Hurry!  These fill up very, very quickly.  And the teacher can add additional class times if the waiting list is large enough, so make sure your kids and their friends register now!

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