Monday, July 30, 2012

Visit our Booth! Sewing Expos - Fall 2012

What's a Sewing Expo?
It's a convention for people who love to sew, knit, quilt, create.  Most Expos offer classes, seminars, fashion shows, exciting displays from various artists, and a huge vendor hall for lots of shopping.

What does Vogue Fabrics 
Bring to the Sewing Expos? 
Over 4,000 pre-cut fashion, batik & quilting fabrics.*
A few hundred bolts of our top selling fabrics.*  
Roving and felting supplies.
Over 500 different notion items - many hard to find.
Over 30 types of Lance rulers.
Corset supplies including busks, bones and coutil.
Hundreds of patterns from indie pattern companies.*
Hundreds of Silk Dupioni 1/2 yard cuts for $5 each.
Hundreds of decorative iron on rhinestone designs.
Hundreds of quilting patterns and assorted books.
Dyable rayon Venice appliques for just $1.
Over 50 different Oilcloth prints, 1 yard cuts $7.99. 
(Photos - Top: Bolts of fabrics.  Bottom: Pre-cut fabric roll-ups.)

Vogue Fabrics Road Schedule, Fall 2012:
Pittsbugh, PA  -  August 2, 3, 4  --  Original Sewing & Quilt Expo
Novi, Michigan -  September 28, 29, 30 -- American Sewing & Stitchery Expo
Chantilly, VA  -  October 4, 5, 6  --  Original Sewing & Quilt Expo
Vogue Fabrics Road Schedule, Early Spring 2013:
St. Charles, IL (Military History Fest, AKA "Reenactor Fest")
    February 1, 2, 3 - 2013.  Not a sewing show, but full of costumes & living history. Read more!
Puyallup, WA  -  February 1 - March 3  --  Sewing & Stitchery Expo

Vogue Fabrics is loading up the Semi-truck and bringing a fantastic array of exciting items to cities across the United States!  Click onto a city near you to jump to the registration page for that sewing expo. Make sure you have registered your email address to receive email blasts with updates and coupons to use in our booth!

*At each venue our booths will offer a slightly different selection based on the size of our booth, the season for the show, and the new novelty items we have to offer you. Smaller venues will not have the same fabric bolts and pattern selection of larger venues.  Military History Fest is a living history/reenactment festival, not a sewing show, so fabrics and notions are chosen for costuming.


Anonymous said...

WHAT, no Cleveland!!!!

Anonymous said...

No Minneapolis?

Anonymous said...

What! No place in rural (Upstate) New York!! We are a HUGE area, and Canadians come to shop here as well. NYC is the best in the world, but no where near the rest of us New Yorkers!

Choosing an Illinois city seems a bit cheap, since Chicago is in Illinois anyway!

Anonymous said...

You must be saving Savannah, GA for your winter visits!

Anonymous said...

What about South Florida?

Anonymous said...

Why not Phoenix? Since it seems half the population here is FROM Chicago!

Anonymous said...

when you coming to atlanta,ga area

Anonymous said...

By Nov 15th half the population of Chicago and New York is down here in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Seattle, WA would be great as well for a visit.

Janette said...

How about Las Vegas, NV fun for us and great fun for you. Janette

Anonymous said...

Why not Baltimore, MD?

Anonymous said...

How about California?

Anonymous said...

And then there is the Quad-Cities in Illinois

Sean Sussman said...

Hi Everyone. Thanks for your comments. We go where the shows take us. We do not run them, we take a HUGE booth (400-1000 square feet!!!).

Cleveland -- you are in the spring -- this is just the FALL schedule. :-)

Minneapolis, we would love to come back, but the logistics are preventing it from happening. We hope to return in the future.

Seattle: Visit us in Puyallup in February at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo (Spring shows will be posted in January)

For all the other requests, please go to the sites for the show sponsors to check other cities and dates, and make your requests to them for additional cities:

And, yes, we do go to the shows in Illinois, because they are in our back yard and our staff likes to have fun at the expos as well. :-)

Sue Jansen said...

And how about Hawaii?? We always get left out :(
I've been going to Vogue on Main for 58 years and I miss it!! Don't you guys need A Hawaiian vacation?

Ginny J said...

Glad to see you are coming to Houston in November. I hope you will be able to squeeze some coutil and other corset making supplies onto the truck even though we are a "quilt show". I promise I will come to your booth and ask- "Do you have any corset supplies?"

Anonymous said...

Phikladelphia? We haven't had a eal fabric expo in years, but we need one. The major fabric stores here (Goldberg's, Staplers, Myerson's) have been closing, and we would seem to be a good place for a fabric store or a fabric expo to open. King of Prussia ( a subeurb about 15 miles west), not center city, would be my suggestion. Helen P

Anonymous said...

Hey Vogue! What about us transplanted Northerns down South -
North Carolina???????
We DO sew here as well.
Maybe when you get to Atlanta you can come on down. I'm from Michigan originally.
J. K.

Anonymous said...

Why not Toronto? we also love vogue fabrics!

Sean Sussman said...

Hello again :-)

@Houston - You can always call to request exactly what you would like us to bring to the show so you can pick it up in the booth. Call 800-433-4313 to place an order by phone and have them waive the shipping charge so you can pick it up in the booth. Just order 2-3 weeks before the show so your order makes it onto the truck before it leaves Chicago.

@Toronto - we can get our truck up to Toronto, but we can't get it back into the states. The taxes and customs are crazy. Canada would love for us to come up to the CreativFestival in Toronto, but the US is not as good to us. We have tried for years to get across the northern border.

Everyone else, remember we do not host the consumer sewing shows, we go where there is demand and an existing show. If you would like us to come to a show near you, please tell us the name of the show so we can look into it. Thanks!

Karen Chaplin said...

Are you considering hiring a bus and taking people down from Evanston to the expo - I'm sure you'd fill a bus or 3, I would be interestered