Thursday, October 21, 2010

Corset Couture

Laughing Moon #100 by Raquel
So you want a fun way to look more svelte? Lace up a corset in a decorative print.  No plastic surgery needed to cinch the waist. No matter your size or age, corsets are fashionable, hitting the runways, clubs, music videos and ready-to-wear venues.  This summer at Vogue Fabrics we were honored to have the return of a fan favorite, Linda Sparks from Farthingales in Canada, who taught two classes in corsetry.  At the bottom of this blog post we've embedded her recent interview on CHCH TV in Toronto this week to promote her corset fashion show at the CreativFestival

Rye & Ginger Kit
We hope to have Linda back soon, but in the meantime Elizabeth at the Vogue Fabrics in Lansing has been hosting Corset Day where she offers product demonstrations and answers your questions for corset building (check our posts on Facebook & Twitter for Corset Day info). We also offer the Rye & Ginger kits on-line, so no matter where in the world you live you can order, open and cutting or measuring involved with these handy kits.

One of the students in Linda's classes this summer was Raquel from our Customer Service division.  She wrote a fun testimonial and has allowed us to use some photos of her completed corsets.

My Name is Raquel. I recently had the opportunity to take the waist cincher class at Vogue fabrics, a class I have been wanting to take for about a year now but was reluctant feeling my sewing skills would not be "up there". I was a last minute addition and Linda Sparks was kind enough to still let me choose my own Rye & Ginger Underbust Corset Kit (yay!).  I got there and I have to say and was really excited and nervous at the same time. I thought to myself, "what if I just don't get this and ruin this project? Will it die on my shelf?" and so forth. Linda was great she explained fully all the pieces in the kit, which are precut and ready to sew! Her step by step instructions were phenomenal and I really enjoyed the whole project. At the end of class when she laced me into my waist cincher I was "hooked". I knew she had an upcoming class for the overbust Victorian corset, and I knew that I had to be part of it! After making sure I could take the time off at work (which Rogie fully okay'd) I let Linda know I was taking her class. I was SUPER excited to take the class, and was far enough ahead on the first day that Linda allowed me to do a Fashion Fabric corset !!!!!  I was willing to make the all white "trial" one as advertised in the class description, but when she said I could bring in fabric from my stash, woo hoo!!!  So I brought in a yard (which was more than I needed) and finished my 1st corset by the end of the 2 day class. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the corset building class. Rogie can vouch for me that the first question this morning was "Do we have black coutil?" I'm so ready for my next corset! 


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