Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sewing is Zen

The desire to sew has seen a resurgence in recent years.  As the economy tanked, many people dusted off their machines and sewed up items to sell on Etsy, Artfire and other “indie” outlets.  Project Runway continues to inspire us to take a 2-dimensional fabric and drape it into something wearable – the fabric version of Iron Chef.  The continued development of costume-fueled conventions like Anime Central, Comic Con, Costume Con and Reenactor Fest (to name a few) create opportunities for enthusiasts to sew up costumes and garb for themselves and their friends.  

Recently on our Facebook Fanpage I posed the question: “What’s on your sewing table right now.” A couple of people were altering clothes or sewing for their kids, but there were a many RenFaire costumes going on (For Bristol Renaissance Faire, per chance?), and several faithful were sewing for their church. 

If I were to psychoanalyze this, I would say that the garments and projects we choose to sew today are deeply personal to us. Working on these projects becomes a spiritual endeavor – an extended moment of zen.

That being said, it is our honor at Vogue Fabrics to present our Late Summer through Fall class line-up.  Like other independent fabric stores, Vogue Fabrics offers sewing classes to inspire and instruct you in fashion, quilting, home décor and costume. We even offer classes to teach kids how to sew during school breaks. Most independent fabric stores are committed to the art of sewing, from providing wonderful products to fantastic classes and services. As big as our web-presence may get, our brick and mortar stores remain our inspiration and our places of zen.  If you aren’t located near one of our stores, please enroll in a sewing class at a local independent fabric store in your area or check back for our upcoming online sewing classes.

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