Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vogue Fabrics to Organize Fabric Rush for Haitian Relief Effort

Hello everyone, I have exciting news. I was in contact with the Haitian Congress of Chicago this week and was able to get all the information I needed to feel comfortable organizing a fabric, clothing, and supplies drive.

Originally our interest was in gathering donations of  fabric, over 4 yards, for garments to be constructed for Sew Special Designs. However, the interest by our followers and fans was more of one on a lesser yardage scale. Obviously, most of you have smaller cuts of fabric, used spools of threads, and garments you don’t wear anymore.

Some showed an interested in sewing something up and donating it.

And some of you have bolts of interfacing, and dozens of zippers that you want to throw into the mix.

All these great offerings were not part of the original plea. But, it became very clear that if I wanted to organize assistance to Haiti, our initial purpose would have to change.

So, in talking with the Haitian Congress and explaining everything, she told me she was very interested in our unique type of assistance, and feels it would be very well received. One of the points I gave her was that in providing this sort of donation it would help the Haitian’s rebuild their lives and give them purpose. Most women of Haiti do know how to sew, mend, and alter, and all types of fabric, sewing notions, and clothing would not go to waste.

She agreed and wants us to donate whatever we can. What we will need is the following but definitely not limited to;

All Sewing related items and notions:  trims, interfacing, buttons, zippers, thread, etc.

Any types of fabric regardless of length: YES!! Send us your remnants and larger cuts!!!!

Finished goods: Clothes, towels, bedding, and anything you’ve made and want to give. Stuffed animals, children’s clothes, and toys are also welcome. Used is okay as well!

We will also take anything else you’d rather give to Haiti instead of the Veteran’s or Salvation Army.

We will have drop boxes in all our retail locations. We will be accumulating all donations at the Warehouse and boxing and palletizing them for shipping. So dropping stuff off at the warehouse is fine as well. If you are mailing us supplies please send it the address below.

We will not be able to reimburse you for your shipping charge, and I talked with our local HR Block rep. and he doesn’t think that the cost of the shipping can be deducted since it is coming to us and not the charitable organization.

They are reserving space for us on their container going to Haiti at the end of March. There were some sooner and some later, but I felt 5 weeks was a good time frame to gather up what supplies we can. For our first push. So, please look thru your closets and sewing rooms. Clean up those stashes for a great cause. I will continue to post updates regularly as I get them.

And most of all I’d like to thank everyone who showed an immediate interest, this motivated me to do this.

Good luck everyone and thank you.

Please donate at your local Vogue Fabrics store or send donations to:

Vogue Fabrics
Att: Haitian Relief
618 Hartrey Ave.
Evanston, Il. 60202

You can call me at 847-864-1270 or email me at for questions and comments.

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