Thursday, October 29, 2009

What's new at Vogue?

We have been very busy at the warehouse as of late. We are well into our Fall Show schedule and have visited Novi, Chantilly, Kansas City, and Houston. We are still planning on heading to Minneapolis and Schamburg before we call it a year.

Our Spring plans are jamming as well. We are in the works for something special for the Puyallup show. I'd tell you now, but that would not be very fun. I am hoping to have something very large to announce before the show.

As for the internet site, I have been working on a flat rate shipping option for all dometic orders. For some reason the software keeps crashing the site, so you may have noticed a terrible slow donw in the sites processing ability. I am hoping to get this modification fixed so we can start offering everyone a rock bottom shipping rate to match our already low prices in fabric.

See you in the stores for the up coming November Sale, and in the warehouse the beginning of December for the warehouses Open House.

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