Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Polyester yarn prices on the rise

"15 July 2008 - Polyester fiber and yarn prices strongly increased in India for July deliveries due to a new jump in raw material costs. Demand from filament weavers and from spinners was however depressed by the new rise in prices which were up about 20% in only two months...."

The basic take from this report from what I can tell is that prices may stabilize, finally, but the cost is that the mills are slowing production down. So, the supply of certain fabrics will be lower due to lower production.

I don't think this will be much of a problem in acquiring the fabrics we already carry, although I do see a slow down of many of our distributors introducing new collections. This I don't like, we need new fabrics, something different, something that is new and exciting.

That is one of the main reasons I love to buy on the secondary or in the closeout market. I want the fabrics, even if it's only 15 yards, that are exciting, different, and something I haven't seen before. I'd rather buy a 15 yard cut of something special than 200 yards of a plain fabric. I find our greatest fashion fabric finds after they've been overlooked or not used by the designers, showrooms, or distributors. I look for those sample cuts. I also really like finding the gems in the 10,000 yard lots I buy, where I can say, "oh, that would make a great..." I am always looking for that. And it's a true find when there is enough for the Vogue Fabrics By Mail catalog and the stores.

But I am getting off topic. I am finding the distributors are quickly discontinuing many of the collections that do not sell well. I have also noticed that many of the new collection are not introduced in many colors the first year. Simply the basic colors, with a follow up in the next season with a re-introduction of the collection with more colors, whether that be a fall color line or a spring color line.

We have been experiencing a tremendous amount of increases on a weekly basis. From Polyester fabrics to silk dupioni. All collections have seen pricing pressures from the increase in oil. I just hope we can keep sewer sewing despite these pricing pressures.

I am looking forward to sharing more insights into my world of fabric buying. I hope you are enjoying the posts.

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