Monday, July 14, 2008

ASG Members pay us a visit.

As I mentioned previously, the ASG Convention was in town. I was not able to attend any of the events unfortunately. I did especially want to attend the DIY Style cocktail party. They are a new "vodcast" company geared towards the twenty-some crowd. I like what they are doing. You can down load their free video instructional podcasts on Itunes or directly from their site. I was introduced to them from the Vice President of McCall's during a buying trip in Las Vegas.

They were having a make it take it party with an open bar from what I understand. It should have been a blast. I'll talk with Cindy, the boss, and see if she can give me the heads up from the nights events. We donated/sponsered the fabric for a couple of the projects.

But, today was our day to entertain. Two buses with over a hundred ASG hard core sewers came to visit. First they went to our Roosevelt Road store in Chicago, and then to our Evanston Flagship Store, and finally ending up at our Warehouse. Each stop they were greeted and thanked by one of us (the Sussman** family). We love to entertain. Come one, come all. We are proud of what we do, our stores, our employees, and love to show our fashion fabrics off. Having true sewing people come to visit is such a thrill, much like the kick we get from going on the road with a semi-truck full of fabric to the sewing/fabric conventions. We just love the reaction we get. It's nice to be appriaciated for what we do. It makes us feel like rock stars.

So, a big thank you for coming ASG. Your welcome back anytime!!!!

**As of this year, Char is now a Mendoza and Rogie has been a Faber for over ten years. So it's really the Sussman-Faber-Mendoza family.

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